About the blog

Hi, my name is Gábor Pintér, I am a Front End Developer @SimpleSite. I live in Copenhagen and study Web Development @KEA.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Mastodon and GitHub.


Why blogging?

I have started writing when I moved to Denmark in 2014, since then the blog went through several changes regarding content, context and platform. Today I have 2 goals with it:

Therefore during composition, simplicity and straight-to-the-point approach may be preferred over elegance.

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Personal projects

Under the hood

The blog currently is built on Jekyll. The site is hosted by GitHub Pages, and posts from WordPress have been migrated. The site is using a beautiful theme designed by Heiswayi Nrird with minor custom modifications. The little guy on the top was designed by Joanna Nielubiewatrobki.