I have stumbled upon a “stylesheet structure” called RSCSS (Reasonable System for CSS), which is basically a set of rules regarding how to write highly maintainable CSS. Meanwhile I like the extra rules, the naming convention is pretty much BEM, only with different syntax.

Single word selectors or selectors with only a hyphen indeed do look better, however BEM has been so popular, I did some research on what possible effects differences may cause and I found something interesting.

As Jens K. highlights, browsers read right-to-left; they parse the selector first and then its relations, meaning e.g.: when a class name form is being parsed, the browser will look for all the form elements within the document, and only then will apply the changes.

So instead, if we use a less generic class name, such as login-box__form the browser likely will find significantly less results to deal with (= decide whether apply changes or not).

Despite the fact that easily readable class names do look better, unique class names result better performance.

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