Creating a user on Ubuntu 14.04 server

  1. Connect as root ssh [email protected]_ADDRESS
  2. New user: adduser username
  3. Adding to sudo group: gpasswd -a usaername sudo
  4. Try to log in with ssh [email protected]_ADDRESS
  5. Generate new SSH key if needed with ssh-keygen
  6. A. Copy the public key with ssh-copy-id [email protected]_IP_ADDRESS
  7. B1. If the command above does not work for copying the SSH key, console log your ssh cat ~/.ssh/, copy it
  8. B2. On the server switch users with su - username
  9. B3. Create a new folder and restrict its permissions with: mkdir .ssh and chmod 700 .ssh
  10. B4. Open a file in .ssh called authorized_keys with a text editor e.g.: nano .ssh/authorized_keys
  11. B5. Insert your key
  12. B6. CTRL + X to exit the file, then Y to save changes.
  13. B7. Restrict the permissions of the authorized_keys by chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys
  14. B8. Type exit to return to root user.

Now you may SSH login as your new user, using the private key as authentication.

Source: Initial Server Setup with Ubuntu 14.04